Business Statistics


1. Course Description:

This course examines multiple regression analysis with emphasis on model building in business and economics applied to the consumer, the firm and the markets, non-parametric statistics, time series analysis and business forecasting applied to sales, demand, revenue, consumption, share prices, exchange rates, basics of discriminate analysis and factor analysis applied to marketing research.

2. Course Objectives:

1. Use statistical tools of analysis to make effective business decisions.

2. Understand, draw and interpret statistical inferences about target populations.

3. Build regression models and utilize regressions and related statistical tests to determine cause and effect among variables.

4. Analyze and forecast data using simple time series techniques.

5. Develop, conceptualize and analyze a research idea.

3. Student Learning Outcomes:

1. Utilize information technology in making business decisions.

2. Effective team work.

3. Apply analytical skills to business Problems.


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