Advanced Mathematics

  Course Description Advance Mathematics is a course designed only for electrical engineering students. It is a 3 credit single semester course with three contact hours a week. This course introduces the students to vector calculus concepts, some special functions, complex numbers and complex functions. It focuses mainly on line integrals, surface integrals and on Read more about Advanced Mathematics[…]

Business Mathematics

  COURSE DESCRIPTION 1. System of Linear equations and Matrices: Systems of linear equations – introduction, Systems of linear equations – unique solutions, Systems of linear equations—Underdetermined and over determined systems, Matrices, Multiplication of matrices, The inverse of a square matrix 2. Linear Programming: Graphing systems of Linear equations in 2 variables, Linear programming problems, Read more about Business Mathematics[…]

Business Statistics

  1. Course Description: This course examines multiple regression analysis with emphasis on model building in business and economics applied to the consumer, the firm and the markets, non-parametric statistics, time series analysis and business forecasting applied to sales, demand, revenue, consumption, share prices, exchange rates, basics of discriminate analysis and factor analysis applied to Read more about Business Statistics[…]

Math for Engineers

  1. COURSE CONTENTS:   1. Basic Definition and Terminology: Motivation, Definition, Classification by type, order, linearity and solutions. 2. First Order Differential Equations: Initial-value problem, Separable variables, Homogeneous equations, Exact equations. Linear equations, Integrating factor, Bernoulli equation, Applications. 3. Second Order Differential Equations: Initial-value and Boundary-value problems, Linear differential operators, Reduction. Of order, Homogeneous Read more about Math for Engineers[…]

Calculus II

1. Course information: Course description This is the second course of a three-part Calculus sequence; this course is an introduction to integral calculus. It develops the concept of the integral and its applications. Other topics include techniques of integration, improper integrals, sequences and series of numbers, Taylor series, polar coordinates, parametric equations, and separable differential Read more about Calculus II[…]

Calculus I

1. Course information:   a) Course Description This course is designed to develop the topics of differential and integral calculus. Emphasis is placed on limits, continuity, derivatives and integrals of algebraic and transcendental functions of one variable. b) Course ObjectivesThe Objectives of this course to introduce limits and continuity, and develop skills for their determination. Read more about Calculus I[…]

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